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About Ostendo

Down in Southern California, where the best and most innovative visual content has been created for more than a hundred years, a group of Technology Explorers embarked on a mission to reinvent the way we generate, shape, and consume Visual Content.

We are Ostendo, a stealth startup that is flying high but is still under the radar. We have broken more than one record and developed a breakthrough technology that will usher a new world of Visual Experiences in Augmented, Mixed, and Visual Reality, as well as the third dimensionality.

Ostendo is headquartered in beautiful Carlsbad by the sea, North of San Diego, with locations in Walnut, CA and Beverly Hills, CA.

We offer competitive salaries with benefits (Health/Dental/401K)

Software Engineer

(Carlsbad, CA)

Job Description:

As an important member of the development team, Software Engineer at Ostendo Technologies, Inc. will play a key role in the development of software application for the acquisition of light field data, compression and image analysis. Develop algorithms that apply to video processing, image enhancement and color. Participate in the decoding and remapping of light field images from plenoptic cameras to light field displays. Implement and evaluate existing methods for color processing of images using computing platform such as MATLAB. Develop computer vision algorithms for geometric calibration and testing of 3D data rendered on light field display. Develop prototype hardware and software solutions for object detection, tracking and modeling. Develop applications using high-level programming languages such as C/C++ or C# for automation and image processing. Create robust software for integrating multiple sensors and tracking systems. Also use advanced computer vision and machine learning APIs such as OpenCV or Scikit to develop techniques for gesture detection and classification.

Minimum Education Requirements:

a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or a related field.

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